Picture Day Information

Dear Upward Families,

Our Picture Day is Scheduled for Saturday, February 11th. The schedule for pictures maybe found here.

Our contracted photographer, Classic Photography & Imaging will be providing an envelope for ordering your individual and team photos. Please fill out the envelope and turn in to the photographers on Picture Day.

Please complete the information on the envelope completely, all orders will be mailed to directly to your homes, so please make sure your address is legible.


Can I have siblings photographed together and separately?
Of course! You will need to fill out an envelope for each photograph. Meaning, if you want them photographed together, it would be 1 envelope with both names on it. If you want them photographed separately, it would be 2 envelopes, one for each child.

When will my child’s portraits be delivered?
Approximately 3 weeks after portraits are taken. Specialty items may take a little longer.

When do I pay for my portraits?
Payment is due on picture day. Please insert the payment in the envelope and seal it.

Payment Options:

We take credit cards, cash or checks. We cannot provide change so please bring the exact amount if you are paying with cash.

Make your check payable to “Classic Photography”. Please write a separate check for each envelope you fill out.

If you wish to pay by credit card, please pay ahead of time by going to Classic Photography & Imaging, click on “Pre-Order my Sports & School Photos” and follow the payment instructions. You will receive a Transaction ID# which you will write on your envelope. Be sure to bring your envelope with the Transaction ID# on picture day.